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Top SEO Tips for Local Business

These days you need a website for your business to even compete in most local markets. That is just the start, after you have your website up and running it is not going to offer any benefits if no one can find it. You need to promote your website and get it recognised in Google as being one of the most relevant sites that people want to visit for your chosen keywords.

The number one spot on Google gets approximately 42% of all clicks, with position two getting around 8% and position three about 6%. After page one there are very few clicks, because the majority of people do not even click on the next page. With these numbers it is easy to see that the most traffic comes from being number one on google. This makes it ever more important to get a website ranked highly and get all those clicks from the search engines.

social-imageOne of the most important factors in ranking is social. This can be achieved easily by utilising social media for your business. A good social property for Derby SEO services is a Facebook page and regularly posting relevant content to the page. The types of content that can be posted vary widely and be anything from pictures, memes, articles, news, contests, etc.

Another important consideration is building citations. A citation is a property, like a business listing that contains basic details about the company, such as address, contact information and opening hours. A good citation to have is Yelp, which is a good example of what to look for when creating a few citations. Ollema Web Marketing is a good example of a well done local business Yelp listing, Derby SEO. It is not necessary to purchase premium listings, however, if more features are required, this is something that could be done and may offer some extra value and leads.

Finally, ranking a website in local search can be tricky, especially for people that are not technically minded or have any prior experience. It is very easy to get in to hot water and end up with a penalised site just by following out of date unethical SEO practices that are abundant all over the Internet. There are plenty of skilled search engine marketers, like this company in the video, who are able to the ranking for you.

How to boost online sales

When starting out your own business it is difficult to get yourself in front of customers who want to buy your goods. No one knows who you are or that your website even exists, without any marketing. The other side of the coin is marketing costs money. Cash flow is often extremely tight when starting out and it can be difficult to know what the most cost effective strategies are more maximizing profits.

There is a simpler way, you will be glad to hear. You can gain increased exposure for your products from selling them on online marketplaces such as Amazon and EBay. This allows customers to see your product, see your brand name and gives them the trust to buy it. This trust is what often holds people back while you are getting established in those early days. Both amazon and EBay provide reassurance that if something should go wrong the customer is protected and will be able to get their money back.

There are many benefits to selling on Amazon or EBay, with the main one being the increase in sales. Even though both of these platforms charge a percentage of each sale, there is still enough profit margin for you to be able to turn a healthy profit. This brings us to one of the pitfalls of these platforms and a profit killer. That is competition! Quite simply, if more than one seller lists the same product on Amazon, the product listing is shared. This means that is increased competition for the buy box, which in turn leads to price wars as you fight to have the lowest price and ultimately win the customer.

There are ways to avoid the amazon competition and be able to make a very profitable business selling on Amazon. There is a program running from 17th to 24th April 2014 that teaches everything there is to know about purchasing your own branded product and marketing it to rank highly in Amazon. The Amazing Selling Machine, as it’s called, is the ultimate course for learning the ropes on the biggest eCommerce platform in the world. There are some great tips on Ollemaweb that will sure give you that kick start you need to start making a healthy living from home and supporting your family.